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In an interview with British

Le 29 December 2017, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

In an interview with British BT's sports correspondent BT, Lampard frankly admitted that Manchester City will win this season's Premier League championship: "In fact, now the Premier League championship trophy awarded to Manchester City, I did not Anyway, of course, and honestly Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, I still hope that the trophy will stay at Stamford Bridge until May next year, and I will say that the Premier League trophy is now available to Manchester City because everyone sees The way they are winning now, it seems to me that Manchester City is definitely the best club in the country and they can even be described as the best in Europe. Interestingly, Mourinho Community Shield Cup Manchester United got the entry and Padu some relationship. 2015-16 FA Cup final, led by Van Gaal Manchester United 2 to 1 reversed the Crystal Palace, the latter coach was some aggressive and pleased too early Padu Viktor Stalberg Jersey Cheap. After the end of November this year to replace the Pulis class, after the re-employment of West Brown, Padu's style of team down seems somewhat closer to Mourinho, the recent three rounds of a ball did not enter, but midweek just round 17 Peacefully armed Liverpool. While expressing public opinion on Mussina's criticism of injustice, Padu also said he envied the Red Devils' defense. "Many times people would like Jose to be more offensive, but looking at United's defense figures is very pretty. With Arsenal winning on Saturday, the Liverpool league, which was fifth in the Premiership after 17 rounds, was down by one place, adding to the pressure. Tonight guest to Bournemouth, the Red Army need to use a victory to maintain their front row position. Prior to the two rounds, insisted rotation of the Red Army team has always played less than satisfactory Brady Skjei Jersey Cheap, the ace of the snow was Everton draw, the main force to make or West Brom white paper Henrik Lundqvist Jersey Sale. In order to avoid the awkwardness of San Lianping, Kloop has warned to the outside world before the war: "Thigh" Salah does not need to rest.

In the ball Manchester City

Le 29 December 2017, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

In the ball, Manchester City is undoubtedly very powerful, and can even be said to be unstoppable; even in the absence of the ball, they are also the most outstanding team James Sheppard Jersey. There is no doubt that Manchester City has a very strong lineup, the team array of talented top stars, their personal ability is very good; even more commendable is that now Manchester City is still a very hard-working team, Their work attitude, in no way inferior to any other team. Manchester City's performance is incredibly good in all the games that have taken place this season. Averting Everton a week ago, Salah was replaced by a 1-0 lead. Later, Liverpool was equalized, Klopp had explained that the substitution is worried about the leg discomfort of the Egyptians were injured. Then he also told the media that the team will insist on the rotation system, alluding to Salah may also be reincarnated Brady Skjei Jersey Cheap, but the fact that the Egyptians played West Bromwich midweek midweek, the current round will certainly be the first episode of war, the Red Army The coach explained: "Because he is in a very good condition Mike Gartner Jersey, I can hardly imagine any reason to put him aside. In fact, under the premise of Klopp taking a rotation system Dan Girardi Jersey Cheap, Salah is the Red Army played the most players this season. With 17 league appearances and eight Champions League qualifiers and group matches, the Egyptians already played 25 games for Liverpool for four months. However, according to Klopp, Salah is not without rest, "he did not set off with the Egyptian team on the last International Day, he did not start on Stoke City on November 29, and we always Replace him as soon as possible.

We need to give players who

Le 29 December 2017, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

We need to give players who often do not play the game a chance, again, those players who play every game is also very difficult Martin St. Louis Jersey Youth. Conti said: "Canter has played 10 consecutive games, if the continuation of such a kick, then he will take a big risk of injury. "In Canter's rotation, Fabregas, who has been a substitute for two consecutive league games, is expected to return to the starting midfielder with Derink Wort, while in Adjara's position teenager Munson is expected Replace him Mackenzie Skapski Jersey. Arsenal 433 discharged the field formation, Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck constitute striker Trident, Coquelin, Veloc and Erneney midfield iron triangle station. Defender line, Chambers and Holden partner Zhongwei, Kola Sinai Debsi left and right Dan Boyle Jersey, the goalkeeper is Ospina. The first 14 minutes, Giroud pass, Welbeck's long shot was blocked. The first 37 minutes, Veloic passing, Kola Sinaiz restricted area into the restricted area left-wing gate fly out of the upper right corner. Two minutes later, Corralesnac cross from the left, Walcott unattended header overhead beyond the left goalpost Dominic Moore Jersey.

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